Section – 139B : Scheme for submission of returns through Tax Return Preparers
March 5, 2018
Section – 139D : Filing of return in electronic form
March 5, 2018

Section – 139C : Power of Board to dispense with furnishing documents, etc., with return

139C. (1) The Board may make rules providing for a class or classes of persons who may not be required to furnish documents, statements, receipts, certificates, reports of audit or any other documents, which are otherwise under any other provisions of this Act, except section 139D, required to be furnished, along with the return but on demand to be produced before the Assessing Officer.

(2) Any rule made under the proviso to sub-section (9) of section 139 as it stood immediately before its omission by the Finance Act, 2007 shall be deemed to have been made under the provisions of this section.

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