Section – 269UA : Definitions
March 7, 2018
Section – 269UC : Restrictions on transfer of immovable property
March 7, 2018

Section – 269UB : Appropriate authority

269UB. (1) The Central Government may, by order, publish in the Official Gazette,—

(a) constitute as many appropriate authorities, as it thinks fit, to perform the functions of an appropriate authority under this Chapter ; and

(b) define the local limits within which the appropriate authorities shall perform their functions under this Chapter.

(2) An appropriate authority shall consist of three persons, two of whom shall be members of the Indian Income-tax Service, Group A, holding the post of Commissioner of Income-tax or any equivalent or higher post, and one shall be a member of the Central Engineering Service, Group A, holding the post of Chief Engineer or any equivalent or higher post.

(3) In respect of any function to be performed by an appropriate authority under any provision of this Chapter in relation to any immovable property referred to in section 269UC, the appropriate authority referred to therein shall,—

(a) in a case where such property is situate within the local limits of the jurisdiction of only one appropriate authority, be such appropriate authority ;

(b) in a case where such property is situate within the local limits of the jurisdiction of two or more appropriate authorities, be the appropriate authority empowered to perform such functions in relation to such property in accordance with the rules64 made in this behalf by the Board under section 295.

Explanation.—For the purposes of this sub-section, immovable property being rights of the nature referred to in sub-clause (ii) of clause (d) of section 269UA in, or with respect to, any land or any building or part of a building which has been constructed or which is to be constructed shall be deemed to be situate at the place where the land is situate or, as the case may be, where the building has been constructed or is to be constructed.

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