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Having turnover more than 5 Crore?

CBIC has made e-Invoicing mandatory for businesses with turnover exceeding 5 Crores w.e.f. 1st August 2023.

What is e Invoicing Software?

HostBooks e-Invoicing Software is a tool that is integrated with GST portal designed to automate the invoicing process for businesses. It is integrated with GSTIN network through which it uploads and authenticates details of B2B invoices in real-time.

The software receives the Invoice Reference Number (IRN) for each invoice through the GST portal, generates the QR code and embeds both IRN and QR code in the generated e-invoice. It reduces errors, saves time, and ensures smooth GST compliance.

E Invoicing Software

How e Invoicing Under GST Works?

e Invoicing Under GST Works
  1. The invoice JSON is created by the supplier according to the specified format. This can be done either by the ERP software or through an offline utility tool.
  2. The supplier uploads the JSON to the Invoice Register Portal (IRP). If the ERP software is connected to IRP through GSP, the file upload is automated and the necessary information is sent directly to the IRP portal.
  3. The IRP verifies the validity of the JSON produced by the ERP software. Upon successful validation, the IRN is generated, the invoice is digitally signed, and a QR code is added.
  4. The digitally signed e-invoice JSON, along with the QR code, is sent back to the supplier who includes these details on the invoice. If the ERP and IRP are integrated through GSP, the software will automatically retrieve and print this information.
  5. The signed e-invoice data and IRN (the same JSON data returned by the IRP to the seller) are sent to both the E-Way Bill System and the GST System.
  6. Using the JSON data obtained from the IRP, the e-invoice system auto-populates Part-A of the e-way bill. If the complete details of the e-way bill (Part-A and Part-B) are available to the seller at the time of e-invoice generation, the e-way bill is automatically generated, and the e-invoice data captures the e-way bill number.

How HostBooks Reduces the Complexity of
e Invoicing Generation?

Using a compatible e-invoice generation system like HostBooks ensures the easy creation of e-invoices and reduces all complexities of e-invoicing.

While creating e-invoices often, people are faced with challenges like:

  • Reconciliation of e-invoice data on GSTR-1 & e-way bill portals
  • Cancellation and amendment of e-invoice
  • Having various ERPs & Integrating them with application
  • Amendment or changes of invoices

But with HostBooks and its cloud-based invoice generator software,
you can generate e-invoices seamlessly.

HostBooks Reduces The Complexity Of E-Invoicing

Our Expertise in Action


50 Lakh+ IRN


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Integration of HB e Invoice Solution

HostBooks E-Invoicing software seamlessly integrates with a wide range of popular accounting software and ERP solutions, including but not limited to:

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Customie Erps

Why Choose HB e Invoicing Software?

Choose HB e-Invoicing Software

Our electronic invoicing software is easy to use and time and cost-efficient. Here is why you should be using HostBooks GST e-invoicing software

  • The Cloud-based application allows you to generate invoices from anywhere, anytime
  • An all-in-one solution for accounting, GST, eTDS software, and e-billing
  • Status dashboard - for tracking & uploading invoices
  • Mobile-friendly compatibility - Easy to use
  • With IRN, you can automate the bulk billing process for multiple invoices in an EWW way
  • The e-invoice billing system allows one-click Excel import
  • It allows automated IRN & QR code generation
  • You can compare books with GSTIN Data

HostBooks e-invoice generator makes this entire process easy and streamlined for you. A clear and concise format, helps your clients quickly find the information they need. Hostbooks provides the best software for Income tax filings, Eway bill generating software.

Simplify e Invoicing with HostBooks

Simplify e-Invoicing with HostBooks
  • Easy and Affordable
  • Ready to use templates
  • Invoices with IRNs and QR codes
  • Store every data for future use

FAQs About e Invoice Software

Now you can create e-invoices easily from Govt. Portal. Follow these steps to generate an e-way bill.

  1. Log in to your account at using your browser.
  2. Click on the transaction that you have already saved.
  3. E-Way Bills can be edited or generated using the two options at the top right of the screen
  4. Click on Edit and check the details.
  5. Click on Save if you do not wish to make any changes.
  6. Click on Generate E-Way Bill
  7. Click on Generate Button
  8. You have the E-Way Bill No. and E-Way Bill Date on the screen.
  9. Click on Go
  10. Click on Print

This is the E-Way Bill format that is generated by the Govt. Portal.

One of the best e invoice software is HostBooks. It brings a cloud-based All-In-One e-Invoicing software to meet all your invoicing requirements easily.

The Indian government has updated its plan to require electronic invoicing for all B2B transactions starting October 1, 2022.

Each e invoice contains a 64 Characters long IRN (Invoice Reference Number). It also contains a QR code which can be used by the buyer for verifying the app to either scan the QR code or upload a JSON file, which is available from his ERP system.

Online invoice generator GST helps businesses with backward integration and automation of the GST return filing process. Specifically, part-A of e-way bills would be generated automatically based on the information from an e invoice. e invoice allows faster availability of genuine input tax credit.

GSP is also called GST Suvidha Provider. A GSP enables any GST taxpayer to comply with all the procedural provisions of the GST law through its web platform.

IRP generates the hash (as the IRN) and digitally signs it with the private key of the IRP. The IRP signs the complete e-invoice JSON payload (that includes the IRN/hash).

A taxpayer can issue an e invoice with an electronic signature.

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