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Return Filing Offline Tool Released by GSTN for a Trial Run

GST Return Filing Offline Tool

Source: CA Club

GSTN, the IT system of the GST portal, has proposed to replace the existing return filing system with the New Return format. As per the new proposed system, a taxpayer will have to file FORM GST RET-1 (Normal) or FORM GST RET-2 (Sahaj) or FORM GST RET-3 (Sugam) on either monthly or quarterly basis. On Tuesday, Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) released a trial version of New Return Offline Tool. The offline tool can be used to prepare Annexure of Supplies (ANX-1), take action in Annexure of Inward Supplies (ANX-2), and match ANX-2 with purchase register.

The goal behind this release is to familiarize stakeholders with tools functionalities and also get feedbacks/suggestions to further improve the offline tool. All taxpayers are welcomed to try out the trial version and share their feedbacks for improvements before it is launched to the general public. The GST ANX-1 will contain the details of outward supplies, whereas GST ANX-2 will consist of all the inward supplies auto-populated mainly from the supplier’s GST ANX-1. Besides, it will also contain details auto-populated from FORM GSTR-5 and FORM GSTR-6.

What are the major elements of the Offline Tool?

The New Return Offline Tool has three major components which are mentioned below.

  • Form GST ANX-1 – It can be used for outward supplies by entering the details from each document or directly importing from an excel file. The template of the excel sheet is also available together with the offline tool.
  • Form GST ANX-2 – This form can be used to prepare inward supplies details by taking action on the auto-populated data.
  • Matching Tool – It enables you to match data of GST ANX-2, download from the portal along with purchase register.

What are the features available in the trial version of the offline tool?

  • Easily prepare GST ANX-1 by directly filling up the data such as details of invoices in it. Apart from that, GST ANX-1 can be prepared using Excel/CSV template and then importing the same into the Offline tool.
  • Use it to create JSON file of GST ANX-1 and upload it to GST portal. This data will then get auto-populated in the GST ANX-2 of the recipient taxpayers.
  • Use the Excel/CSV template provided with the tool to prepare Purchase Register and import the same in the Offline tool.

The taxpayer will also have the ability to take action of inward supplies either by accepting or rejecting the entries.

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