Hide/show columns in sales invoice and tax calculation update for SEZ invoice
October 4, 2019
Download and view GSTR-3B monthly, Cash & ITC balance, Cash Ledger from GSTN
October 14, 2019

Download and view GSTR-2A annual data from GSTN and export

You can now download GSTR-2A data by financial year from GSTN. Then, view and export the downloaded data in excel form.

  • Download GSTR-2A annual data from GSTN
  • View and export GSTR-2A data in excel
Download GSTR-2A data from GSTN
View and download GSTR-2A annual data in excel

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    i can how financial year 2019-20 2A download 1 time not monthwise

  2. Arpita@HostBooks says:

    Yes, HostBooks GST Software has a feature to download GSTR-2A annually or monthly from GST Portal with the help of GST Portal ID & Password

    Visit website: https://www.hostbooks.com/in/

  3. madan says:


  4. madan says:

    how to download

  5. Sunil Dutt says:

    If you want download GSTR-2A yearly wise fellow given step
    1. Visit web site https://www.hostbooks.com/in/.
    2. Sing up your account.
    3. After successful sign up you login your account.
    4. Add your business
    5. Click on GST icon
    6. Click on return option on GSTR-2A
    7. Select option monthly or Year download from portal with the help of gst login id and password.(with opt or without otp)
    8. GSTR-2A downloaded from portal you download in excel format below option
    • Details report
    • Summary report

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