2B Download Option With & Without OTP, HSN Summery with Invoice details level report view, SMS Enable with latest template & Many More
July 24, 2021
E-way Bill Generation & Print, Update in Margin Scheme, Configurable Email Template for Sales & Delivery Challan
August 3, 2021

Deduction Report with Payment Details, Common import Excel Template file for Deductee & Employee master with many more features

Report & Excel import enhancement with many more features.


Analytical Deductions report with payment details


Enhanced Common Excel import Template for Deductee & Employee master.


Manual selection option enable for CSI Start date and End date period.


Challan overbooks intimation at the time of FVU generation.

Tickets/ Enhancement Features:
  • Auto session expire feature enhanced
  • Challan mapping feature enhanced.
  • FVU generation feature enhanced
Referenced Tickets

17175, 16586, 16767

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