Defective Return Notice U/s 139(9)
Defective Return Notice U/s 139(9): Reasons and Rectification
August 23, 2018
Enhancements in E-Way Bill Form
Latest Enhancements in E-Way Bill Form
October 4, 2018

A Quick Guide on E Way Bill Registration Procedure Under GST

E Way Bill Registration

Under GST, E Way Bill has become mandatory for the transportation of goods with a value of more than ₹ 50,000. On the other hand, it becomes helpful for the purpose of tracking the exact location of transport and goods across India. It is compulsory to get registered on the E Way Bill portal first to generate the GST E-Way Bill.

As a quick guide on E-Way Bill Registration procedure under GST, this blog post will be quite helpful.

Requisites for E Way Bill Registration

  1. GST Registration Certificate (GSTIN) either of the Taxpayer or of the transporter.
  2. Registered Mobile Number.

Taxpayer Types for e Way Bill Registration

Under the GST Regime, with reference to e-Way Bill, mainly three kinds of taxpayers/ users are involved –

  1. Registered Suppliers
  2. Registered Transporters
  3. Unregistered Transporters

Procedure for e Way Bill Registration

Now, we will know step-by step how e-Way Bill Registration is done by the above mentioned users / taxpayers.

Registered Suppliers

Step 1: Visit the E-Way Bill Portal (

Step 2: Click on E Way Bill Registration on the right side of the web page

E Way Bill Registration

Step 3: Enter the GSTIN and the Captcha Code and click on GO

E-Way Bill Registration

[After entering the GSTIN, rest all the fields will be auto-populated]

And now, after checking all the auto filled details

Step 4: Click on Send OTP (a unique OTP is send on the registered mobile number).

eWay Bill Registration

Step 5: Enter the OTP and now click on Verify OTP

Step 6: Enter the new User ID and Password of your personal choice.

Step 7: During the registration process, it is essential to generate E-Way Bill login ID and password to access the portal.

Once all the details are correctly filled, User ID and password will be created automatically.

Registered Taxpayers / Transporters

Step 1: Visit e-Way Bill Portal (i.e.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Registration’ tab and click on the ‘E Way Bill Registration

Step 3: Generate the unique OTP by Clicking on ‘Send OTP

Step 4:Enter the OTP’ (send on the registered Mobile Number) and the ‘Captcha Code’.

Step 5: Create the user ID and password of your personal choice

If all the details are correctly filled, User ID and Password will be created automatically.

Unregistered Transporters

Step 1: Visit Indian Government official E-Way Bill Portal (i.e. )

Step 2: Click on ‘Enrolment for transporters’ anchor link on the right side of the dash board

Enrolment for transporters

Step 3: Enter all the following details accurately

Name of the state, Name (as per the PAN Card), Trade name (if any), PAN Number, Type of Enrolment, etc.

gst registration for transporters

N.B. – After PAN validation is done, if the system finds any error or mismatch and it will proceed after correction.

Fill up all details at point 1 and 2.

Choose the relevant type (e.g. – cold storage/warehouse/godown/ transport service/cold storage).

Step 4: In the column ‘Constitution of businesses’ –

Select the relevant business form from the drop down –

gst registration for transporters

Foreign company/Partnership firm/ proprietorship/ Private limited company/ public limited company/Unlimited company/ others (If HUF, AOP, BOI and so on)

Step 5: In the column ‘Principal Place of Business’

  • Type the Complete Address entering all the important red marked fields.
  • Contact information – Type the e-mail address, Landline number and Fax number (if any) B. – e-mail is required for authentication purpose only.
  • Do mention the Nature of premises (any of these options) – The Building of operation is Own /leased /rented/ consent/ shared/ any other case.

gst registration for transporters

Step 6: (i) Tick out the Declaration, (ii) Enter the Aadhar Number and Name of the personnel and (iii) The Aadhar linked Mobile Number.

gst registration for transporters

Step 7: Click now on ‘Verify Detail and Send OTP’

Step 8: Enter OTP and click now on ‘Verify OTP’

Automatic message will appear on the screen ‘Your Aadhar has been successfully verified’.

Step 9: Upload the Address Proof and ID Proof

E Way Bill registration for transporters

(If correctly uploaded, the file name appears on the right side of each field)

Step 10: Now Create the ‘Login Details

(i) Set up a new username or user ID and unique ‘Password

(Enter the same Password for ‘Confirm Password’)

(ii) Do not forget to Tick out the Declaration.

E Way Bill Registration for Transporters

Step 11: Click on the Save button.

A 15 digit transporter ID will be displayed automatically on the dash board. The unique number should be given to the clients for entering it on GST e Way Bill and enabling vehicle number to be added for the smooth movement of goods.


Obtaining an E-Way Bill through the right procedure under GST will facilitate a smoother movement of goods. So, this guide will help you know about the essential things pertaining to the subject.

Arpita Bora is leading the content writing team at HostBooks Limited. She has pursued her Masters in Commerce. With over 4.5 years of experience in technical and creative writing, she specializes in both long and short-form digital content.

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