Updates to UI, edit sales purchase invoice number, and GSTR-9C Part-V Auditor verification certificate added.
April 24, 2020
Import contacts with a custom file, manage non-inventory opening balance and easily import Amazon and Flipkart sales data.
May 10, 2020

Download GSTR-9C JSON file, download GSTR-2A with invoice detail, and auto-fetch PAN with GSTIN

You can now download the GSTR-9C JSON file to upload it to the GSTN portal, and GSTR-2 download with invoice detail, and overwrite details in already added sales invoices. While adding a new customer/client, PAN is auto-fetched with the GSTIN.

  • Download GSTR-9C JSON file for upload to GSTN portal
  • Updated template of GSTR-2A download with invoice details
  • New functionality added in Sales Custom import:
    • Overwrite functionality for already added invoices
    • Added new date format validation such as 19.04.2020 or 19-04-2020 or 19-Apr-2020 or 19/04/2020
  • PAN auto fetched from GSTIN in add new customer/client form
  • Major & minor bugs fixed.
    • Updated formula of Tax-inclusive calculation
    • Two line-items on add new invoice form
    • State drop-down issue fixed in GSTR-9C all form Part-B
    • Fixed the UI issue of hidden settings when the user enabled the E-way bill
    • All excel file updated (import)
    • Bulk delete button updated on sales and purchase from X (cross sign) to delete icon
    • Purchase invoice total calculation issue fixed
    • In purchase invoice, if goods selected as item type then input goods auto-selected in ITC eligibility and if services selected as item type, input service auto-selected in ITC eligibility.
    • Round-off total auto-selected in all sales invoices
GSTR-9C JSON download
GSTR-2A download updated
PAN auto-fetched
Two line-items when creating a new invoice

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