May 22, 2020

All new user interface and navigation, AY2020-21 added, and ITR-2 beta version released

User interface and page navigation has been updated, AY2020-21 has been added for data entry, and ITR-2 beta version is introduced with multiple modules.
May 11, 2020

Import Flipkart & Amazon sales and credit notes, and import purchase invoices in bulk with minimum data.

You can now easily import Flipkart & Amazon sales and credit notes. Also, import purchase invoices & credit/debit notes with minimum data.
May 10, 2020

Import contacts with a custom file, manage non-inventory opening balance and easily import Amazon and Flipkart sales data.

You can easily import contacts using any excel sheet, CSV, or text file and then map data with respective fields. Also, manage the opening balance for non-inventory items to generate profit & loss report.
May 2, 2020

Download GSTR-9C JSON file, download GSTR-2A with invoice detail, and auto-fetch PAN with GSTIN

You can now download the GSTR-9C JSON file to upload it to the GSTN portal, and GSTR-2 download with invoice detail, and overwrite details in already added sales invoices. While adding a new customer/client, PAN is auto-fetched with the GSTIN.
April 10, 2020

GSTR-9C Part-A data input and JSON download & filing of GSTR-7

With this release, GSTR-9C Part-A data input with the GSTR-9 data downloaded from GST Network and GSTR-7 data input with the option of JSON download & filing.

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