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Plan Name Plan Features Grand Supreme Ultimate
  Monthly price
Plan Name Plan Features Grand Supreme Ultimate
  Monthly price
Users 2
No. of Business 1
Collaboration Tools Single-Sign-On dashboard
User access control mechanism
10GB free cloud storage
Dual dashboard - Admin Vs User
Multi country setup
Account Setup Migration/Collaboration from other software
Organization setup
Tax setup
Quick menu setup
Purchases Purchase order
Automated conversion of purchase order to bill
Purchase bill creation
Automated recurring purchases bill creation
Credit note/Debit note
Maker/Checker-Delete/Void facility
Payable management
Sales Sales quotations
Automated conversion of sales quotation to invoice
Invoice creation
Automated recurring invoice creation
Maker/Checker-Delete/Void facility
Credit note/Debit note
Receivable Management
Term discount feature for early payment
Banking Bank account with auto feed facility
Bank account with manual feed facility
AI-based reconciliation feature
Multiple payment and receipt mode with check facility
Batch payment and receipt facility
Expenses Automated expenses flow management
Maker/Checker facility
Contacts Contact creation 100 500 Unlimited
Employee creation
Contact management
Import and Export of contacts
Credit limit setup
Inventory Management Inventory creation (trackable and non-trackable)
Inventory valuation (FIFO, LIFO, Average)
Opening inventory option with auto posting and quantitative/value adjustments
Inventory management
Fixed Assets Fixed asset acquisition through purchase module
Fixed asset conversion -CWIP, SIH, SIT to fixed asset
Asset type/group management
Automated depreciation management
Auto calculation of depreciation based on periodicity
Manual depreciation management
Multiple depreciation rate management
Auto posting of depreciation in financial reports on computation
Asset sale/disposition management
Import/Export of fixed assets
Tax Compliances Default tax settings
Multiple tax rates
Reports Sales/Purchase reports
Accounts payable/Receivable management reports
Fixed assets management reports
Financial reports
Contact related reports
Day Book/General ledger

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