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October 1, 2019
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October 21, 2019

How Robotic Process Automation can Save your Business on Accounting Costs?

robotics and accounting

Automation is going to affect many organizations for many more years because it is a form of digital-labor. This technology can help you transfer financial data from primary data sources to your database with proper accuracy and faster speed. This reduces the need for hiring more employees. North America is currently the largest RPA market, trailed by the United Kingdom. It is being predicted that in the next few years, the accountancy business would be taken over by technologies that are capable of learning. Accounting software is the next face of this industry.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is a software program that uses record and an easy programming language that imitates the human work of applications for repetitive tasks. As far as industry, leaders in RPA approval are in Banking and Financial Services Business, followed by telecom, media, and health care. It is a technology that will help in making a computer software or a robot capable of doing transactions, working on data and communicating with other digital systems. This is not a physical robot sitting at a desk executing tasks. RPA is a new alternative to improve efficiency, solving higher Return on Investment than ERP operations and Software as a Service (SaaS) which requires more venture in terms of time and cost. There is a real prospect for companies to spread their understanding of the technology and its effective application across finance.

Some Benefits of Automation

One of the major differences between RPA and IA is that the RPA performs simple automation tasks, like answering a set of queries in a chat. With the help of automation activities like making a contact in your CRM and updating its data across various data sources can be done in seconds. Some of the Best Accounting Software also threatens the position of employees working in financial sectors. Some of the potential benefits of implementing RPA solution are many, including:

  • There are higher employee satisfaction and productivity which is done by removing repetitive tasks and by providing new chances to focus on planned creativity and innovation.
  • There is a dependable and consistent work product as robots perform at digital speed with fewer errors or regulatory destruction.
  • Significant possible cost savings across jammed processes.
  • A review trail that documents every act and result made by the software robots.

RPA Plays a Significant Role in 3 Small Business Accounting Functions

Data Collection from Various Sources: The software comprises of organized data from main sources like emails or spreadsheets, then automatically adds this data to a centralized general record. These tools also collect working and financial data in small business and then combine this information before sending it for further validation and verification. Financial Data Processing: The financial data from various departments are processed through RPA. It also helps in transferring invoice data to account payable systems. Validation and Verification of Data: RPA helps in verifying the data during the entry process and confirming the credit details through a central database system. The tools like Business Accounting Software can also help in checking the listed vendors in any major file and will also add them if they are not listed.

What do you need to know?

#1. If you already have an advanced ERP or any analytical tools which can be used to transfer or process a high volume of data via email communications, voice mails and more the reconsider your thoughts about using RPA. It is not wise to purchase two different tools that perform a similar task, this will lead to data discrepancies.

#2. It is better to use Robotic Process Automation tools at a place where you think the employees lose interest while doing the same repetitive task. RPA can also be used to lift the morale of the employee because RPA lets you focus on perilous financial responsibilities that are much more stimulating and interesting.

#3. When we talk about the RPA tools, we should know that they are mapped in a way to transfer data from the main source to the database. If there is any written PDF invoice then it needs to be processed with a technology used for recognition.

In business, you meet different kinds of people on the way. Some are easy-going while some are tricky. The ability to differentiate between the two is something humans can do. One of our biggest USP over bots is our ability to listen to a situation and then to comprehend it and act in a way that will be profitable to both the client and them.

A relationship between an accountant and a client is more than just a human-calculator. People tend to favor human bonds as they come with trust and understanding. Over the years, a close relationship develops between an accountant and his/her client that no technology or robot can threaten.

However, it is still important to prove your clients that you are not someone who is not just going to sit back and be eliminated by the new technologies like Bookkeeping Software, Inventory Management, Online Accounting and many more.

Accountants need to master the skill of machine learning and data analytics is important so that one is fully aware of what he/she is dealing with.

One doesn’t need to feel threatened by the upcoming developments. As time moves on, developments and new technologies will come no matter what. It is important that you portray yourself as someone who is not afraid of change but is going to make the change work in his/her way.


RPA will come handy in business (small, medium and big) as well as in accounting because it is one of the most money-making ways of handing out important data. The data processing is done very quickly with better accurateness and approximately minimal errors. Accountancy is one of the most intricate disciplines and it is after much hard work and practice that accountants can do what they do.

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