Automate your bank
feeds to save time

HostBooks allows you to sync and securely import
all your bank transactions, helping you to stay on top
of your finances.


All major banks supported

Our bank feed integration software allows you to search through thousands of banks. You can easily connect your account in any financial institution and start importing transactions effortlessly.


Easily connect multiple bank accounts

With online bank feeds, you can import all your transactions from any number of bank accounts in multiple banks. This enables you to get a clear overview of bank balance in multiple bank accounts.


Smoothly import and reconcile

Once you have connected your bank accounts, our online accounting software securely imports all the transactions through bank feeds API. Thereafter, you can either reconcile each transaction or simply confirm the auto-suggested options in bulk.


Ensure accuracy and
save time

With bank feed integration software, you can automate the process of recording your bank transactions into HostBooks, reducing errors caused by manual entry. Also, this helps you make time for other important tasks.


Securely import and keep track
of finances

Apart from importing your bank transactions securely, our bank feed software for small businesses also keeps your financial data safe and secure with advanced security. Additionally, you can stay updated on your income and expenses right from the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Automated Bank Feeds

What is an automated bank feed and why it is important?

Automated bank feeds allow you to easily connect your bank accounts and automatically import all your bank transactions into HostBooks best accounting software. Additionally, each transaction is also matched with the corresponding invoices, saving the time that you have to spend on manually entering the data and reconciling your bank accounts.

Most small businesses and accountants spent an extensive amount of time in categorizing their bank transactions into income and expenses. Bank feed software for accountants enables them to connect and import their bank transactions and automatically categorize transactions, reducing potential errors, and saving time.

You can directly connect HostBooks accounting software to your bank account and then it will securely import all your transactions.

If you have set up automated bank feeds, our accounting software automatically imports your bank transactions.

Take control of your finances by automating
your bank feeds