Centralized Customer Portal for
all your accouting needs

Access all the right tools from the dashboard with
one set of login credentials.


Seamless access to all the right tools

With the best customer portal software, get access to all the tools and applications that you need to effortlessly manage your accounting processes. You can also view billing history, subscription status, and activity long right from the portal.


Never struggle with a forgotten password

With an intelligent dashboard and the ability to generate customized financial reports, always keep track of how your business is doing. This gives a clear view of your current financial position.


Boost your productivity and
save time

Access all the applications (like Accounts, GST, E-way Bill, TDS etc.) from a single portal to save time and give a boost to your productivity. Our customer portal software helps you to put more time into business growth.


Reduce upfront IT-related costs

HostBooks centralized customer portal software allows you to easily manage access of your colleagues and staff without having to set up a dedicated IT team. There is no need of installation and configuration to access HostBooks applications as its run on cloud. You only need to log-on with user credentials to access the applications. This can help you save money.


Easy set up and start collaborating

You can easily invite new users as a manager, auditor, or bookkeeper. Our cloud best accounting software enables you to seamlessly collaborate with them and get more done in less time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Centralized Customer Portal

What is the client management portal?

The client management portal enables you to access everything needed to effortlessly manage business finances from a single location. With HostBooks cloud accounting software, you can access multiple applications (like Accounts, GST, E-way Bill, TDS etc.), businesses or branch locations using just one set of login credentials.

With single sign-on authentication, centralized client management portal empowers you to seamlessly manage business finances. By getting rid of the requirement of remembering multiple usernames and passwords, our online accounting software makes it easier for you to log in and start managing your accounting and compliance processes.

After logging into the SSO portal, click on User Management on the left-hand side and then click Invite User. To invite a new user, enter the person's contact information like first name, last name, and email address. Then, select the business and application for which you want to give access to. Next, select the user's role and then click on the Invite button.

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