Access your data round
-the-clock with cloud
accounting software

HostBooks allows small businesses and accounting
professionals to seamlessly manage their accounting
processes, anywhere anytime.


Powerful features that make HostBooks the best
cloud accounting software

Manage your finances whereve
you are

Our online cloud accounting software stores your business in the, allowing you to create invoices, reconcile bank transactions, manage inventory, and more at any time.


Get real-time business

With an intelligent dashboard and the ability to generate customized financial reports, always keep track of how your business is doing. This gives a clear view of your current financial position.

Keep your business data secure

With advance data protection, HostBooks ensures that all your data is safe, secure, and intact in the cloud. Above all, your information is also protected against potential threats.

quick work-together

Work together with your

HostBooks cloud-based software is scalable, enabling you to add multiple users while giving them access to your business information in real-time, maximizing your operational efficiency.


Save your time with

HostBooks cloud accounting software does the heavy lifting so you can save time for things that matter. It automates the workflow and keeps manual efforts to the minimum.


Reduce your upfront business

HostBooks cloud accounting software doesn’t need a big investment as there are no installation costs involved. Once the software is functional, the system gets updated automatically at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Cloud Accounting

What is cloud accounting and how does it work?

Cloud accounting software allows businesses to access and manage their finances through the internet. As your financial data is securely stored in the cloud, you can easily access your information from any device with an internet connection.

HostBooks allows you access your account anywhere, anytime, making it the best cloud accounting software for small businesses and CAs.

By offering advanced data security, similar to what most bank websites use, our accounting software ensures round-the-clock protection of all your data. It also ensures automate back-ups and restoration of your data in case of any natural or man-made disasters.

First, by doing your accounting in the cloud, you can reduce your IT infrastructure, operation, and administrative costs. Our cloud-based accounting software solution also enables you to collaboratively work with your team and get more work done in less time.

Transform the way you do your accounting

HostBooks makes it easier to manage finances on the move