Go Paperless with Online
Document Management

HostBooks enables you to track, manage, and store your
documents securely on the cloud.


Quickly capture and upload files

Using our online document management system, you can easily capture or scan important documents and quickly upload the same.


Maintain systematic index

Organize your documents by indexing your files systematically for quick and easy retrieval later on, based on the file key.

Restrict unauthorized access

HostBooks enables you to take control of who has access to your documents. You can avoid unauthorized access by implementing role-based permissions for file entry.


Seamlessly sync your files

Keep your files up-to-date through seamless sync. Once you do this, any changes done in the system file automatically gets updated online.


Single vault for all your

HostBooks cloud accounting software allows you to archive your files in a single vault for easy retrieval, storage, and sharing for future use.


Easily access your files on
the move

Our online centralized document management system ensures quick access to all your stored files on your tablet, mobile, or any other device.


Keep a record of various file

Our accounting software helps you stay in control of your document versions without having to maintain multiple copies of a single document.

Frequently Asked Questions on
Online Document Management System

What is HostBooks online document management system?

HostBooks document management is a system that helps you declutter your office by storing your documents on the cloud. It enables you to track and manage your files anywhere, anytime. The system is capable of keeping records of the various document versions created and modified by multiple users.

Yes, our online document management system is easy to use. You can easily store and manage your files digitally. Paper documents can be captured and uploaded anywhere, anytime. The best part is you can even collaborate with your team by sharing the documents in real-time.

To ensure the protection of your files, these are stored securely in an AWS bucket. We also take the backup of each instance at regular intervals to make sure you have uninterrupted access to your documents on the go.

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