Increase sales and optimize
your cashflow

With our term discount management software, you can offer
discounts to increase sales, boost reputation, improving
relationships with your customers.


Automate your discounting tasks

HostBooks accounting software enables you to set your desired discounting rules once, and then upon approval, discounts will be calculated and applied automatically.


Set discount types as needed

Our cloud accounting software offers discount flexibility to help set either prorated discount terms or dynamic discounting. In other words, you can offer discounts on a sliding scale or based on a supplier's cash flow needs.


Enhance your brand

With our automated accounting software, you can provide discounts to customers that pay earlier than the due date, establishing you as a trusted provider for any future business proposal.


Streamline the internal

In addition to setting up business rules to initiate early payments, HostBooks helps you cut costs by automating the costly processes and expedite the cash conversion cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Discount Management Software

What is a discount management system?

The discount management system makes it easier for business owners to manage various discounts provided for their products and services. The primary objective of offering discounts is to increase sales while also ensuring healthier returns and maintain cashflow. Our discount management software for small businesses helps you to manage discount terms and improve the efficiency of work processes, ensuring the success and growth of your business.

Set custom discount terms for your business

Our online accounting software automates your discount
management and computation