Protect your company's data
with role-based access control

HostBooks cloud accounting software gives you the ability
to add and assign roles to multiple users based on their


Seamless collaboration across departments

Our role-based access control software enables you to set up user roles and permissions to give specific access to each user. This allows the sales manager to share invoices and your accountant to file taxes on time.


Protect your data from unauthorized access

The user management module feature in HostBooks online accounting software enables you to take control of who has access to your financial information. Apart from adding multiple users, you can also easily remove and change the permissions of each user.


Data synced in real-time to
ensure accuracy

With role-based access control software for small business, you can give access to specific features and modules for each user. This ensures that users can access the latest information, reducing errors and ensuring maximum accuracy.


Access critical information
on the move

HostBooks cloud accounting software empowers you to customize user access based on their role and expertise. You can seamlessly work with your accountant and staffs by giving them uninterrupted access to your data.


Boost productivity for
optimum growth

Whether it is your auditor or accountant, you can give limited access to your books. This helps you to simplify your accounting and make time for things that are essential to your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Role-based access control

What is role-based access control?

It is a security approach that allows you to restrict access to users based on their role in your business. For instance, when assigning a user with bookkeeper role, the person can only make bookkeeping entries and adjustments.

This feature allows you to restrict and control which user has access to your business's sensitive data. In addition to increasing your operational efficiency, it helps you feel assured that your critical financial information does not fall into wrong hands.

After getting logged into the accounting software, click on the User Management option and then select Invite User. Next, you will need to enter all the mandatory information such as first name, last name, email address and select business for which you want to invite the user. Then, to give access to your accounting application, select Accounting in Invite For option. Finally, click on the Invite button.

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