Manage your fixed assets

HostBooks cloud accounting software gives you a
real-time overview of your business's fixed assets.


Add assets without any hassle

With intuitive interface and navigation, our online fixed asset management software makes it easier for you to track your business assets, including hardware equipment, vehicles, and office supplies.


Depreciation management with
maximum accuracy

Manage depreciation of your assets with multiple depreciation methods, including SLM or WDV on an annual, monthly, or daily basis. HostBooks offers auto and manual mode for depreciation management.


Gain better control over your
finances and compliance

You can either manage your fixed assets individually or manage block-wise to meet income tax compliance requirements. Being automated, our accounting software allows you to easily manage the purchase and disposal of fixed assets.


Import & export data as required

Whether you want to add one entry or multiple entries, our fixed asset management software provides you with the import template to add and start tracking your assets seamlessly. Also, maintain data backup with simple export.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on fixed asset management?

What is fixed asset management?

It is a process of maintaining and tracking a business's immovable assets and equipment, such as furniture, computers, office supplies, vehicles, and more. The best fixed asset management software enables you to improve your operational efficiency and lower costs when it comes to managing fixed assets.

Businesses put a large part of their capital in acquiring fixed assets like machinery and equipment. Without the best software for fixed asset management, businesses might be prone to losing inventory or unplanned downtime. This further leads to a decrease in productivity and a lot of troubles for your staff to properly utilize the available resources. Hence, with the best fixed asset management software, you can not only enhance your customers' experience but also improve your business's reputation.

After opening the accounting application, hover over the Books menu and then click on Fixed Assets. Next, you will need to click on the Asset button. Thereafter, fill in all the required information and then click on Approve.

Save time and increase efficiency with the best
fixed asset management software